Frequently Asked Questions / Future Family Membership

What exactly does Future Family Membership include?


Future Family membership includes the following:

  • 2.5 hours of Fertility Coaching which can include:
    • Initial Fertility Coach consultation to discuss your goals, what you would like in a clinic and answer any questions you have around IVF or egg freezing
    • Once clinic is chosen, Fertility Coach will create a list of questions to ask doctor based on consultation
    • Post-clinic meeting with Fertility Coach to review any questions you might have
  • Clinic match based on your specific preferences from distance to finding affordable IVF clinics or boutique fertility doctors
  • Discussion with account manager on possible financing with a personal IVF loan or egg freezing loan

How much is the Membership?


Membership cost is a one-time fee of $199, but must be used within a year of purchase, or you’ll need to repurchase it.

With membership, does that mean that the $199 is an annual fee?


$199 is a one-time fee, but it must be used within a year of purchase.

Where can I find the Membership?


We offer Membership to anyone within the United States. You can purchase Future Family Membership on your FutureFamily dashboard when you sign in.

What if I need more than 2.5 hours of fertility coaching?


You can talk to an account manager to purchase more hours of fertility coaching.

It looks like the Membership can help people find a clinic. I already have an IVF clinic near me but confused about next steps and need help. Can I still use the Membership?


If you already have a clinic and a specific IVF plan, Future Family can help offer an IVF payment plan, which includes fertility coaching as well. You can also purchase fertility coaching.

Does the Membership guarantee financing?


Since financing for IVF is based on whether or not you pre-qualify, Membership does not guarantee financing.

Will I get a Fertility Coach with Membership?


Yes, you are assigned an IVF Fertility Coach when you sign up for membership. This coach will stay with you if you become a premium member through IVF financing.

How will Membership help me find a clinic?


One of the key features of Membership is fertility clinic matching. Your Fertility Coach will review several different aspects of clinics near you and the fertility doctors near you based on your preferences, including cost, and driving distance from your home to help find the best clinic for you.

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